Welcome to SOCA pre sale

To buy SOCA Tokens on Pre sale please send BNB direct from your Trust wallet or Metamask to the Pre sale address below and you will get SOCA Tokens instantly to your wallet, Minimum amount to purchase is 0.1 BNB, Please don’t send direct from Exchange


Soca Money Private ends on

Time out

Private price was


Pre sale price is


All funds from Private & Pre sale will be used to add Liquidity and exchange listing

More about SOCA Tokens
20% Locked
20% of SOCA Tokens is locked for two years
10% NFTs & Game reward
10% of SOCA Tokens is locked to give reward to the Soca Game player and SOCA NFTs holders
10% Staking Reward
10% of SOCA Tokens is locked for SOCA Staking reward and SOCA holders
10% Liquidity Lock
10% of SOCA Tokens will be added to the liquidity pool in DEX exchanges like pancakeswap
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